Obama’s –REAL– brackets #tcot

1) Poor
8) Wealthy

2) Spenders
7) Savers

3) Muslims
6) Christians

4) Establishment Republicans
5) Tea Party


1) Chamber of Commerce GOP
8) Common Sense GOP

2) Feminist Women
7) Everyone else

3) Gays
4) Social Conservatives

4) Potheads
5) Prohibitionists


1) Enviromentalists
8) Keystone Pipeline

2) Welfare Sponges
7) Military Families

3) Pro-Choice
6) Pro-Life

4) Regulatory State
5) Free Enterprise


1) Blacks
8) Whites

2) Uninsured
7) Insured

3) Labor Unions
6) Unemployed

4) Black Panthers
5) Voter ID

Yeah… so this only took a year.


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If Democrats -really- wanted a “read” on Putin, they should have looked in a mirror

It’s kind of an axiom that one of the elements in Democrats’ George H.W. Bush Derangement Syndrome was his more adverserial stance toward our enemies. The fact that he had the temerity to assert that, yes, the USA actually had enemies was yet more stone to grind the axes with.

How many times did the rest of us have to hear it???

“If we’d just be a positive partner of the World Stage instead of just bombing people…”

This is interesting.

On one hand, Democrats believe that the U.S. can maintain or advance its interests by playing nicer and letting others take their piece of the “pie” in the World.

On the other, they have sized up the Republican Party as extremist enemies of the State.

Republicans act only in their own interests and will destroy America if left unchallenged. They are mouth-breathing, know-nothing, bigoted, neanderthal Koch-suckers!!!

So I must ask, which of these lines do Democrats really believe?

One would like to think that they would have figured out Vlad Putin much, much sooner if they could apply the same RealPolitik to a potential adversary as they do to their political opponents.

…or our Republicans SO inhuman that they literally defy all prediction of how Humans actually behave and cannot be treated as such???

Way to treat half of your countrymen, you Democrat asses!!!

The Crazy Catholic Speaks

No.  No outrageous comment by some misguided holy roller,  unless that holy roller is me.  

Deep down,  all we people of Faith know  there should be peace between the Faiths.  As a Christian,  I descend from  Abraham the same way Jews and Muslims do.

I regard Jews as my older brothers and sisters and I regard Muslims as first cousins.   This is as it should be…

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Originally posted on Small Town Northeast PA 2012:


In 2014 this is defined as a “car” in NEPA

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Welcome to the Himalayas!

Originally posted on Small Town Northeast PA 2012:


K2 & Everest

We are getting buried!!! This picture was taken 6 inches ago. :-(

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Power Line: Republican bigwigs prepare to sign death warrant of conservatism

Republican bigwigs prepare to sign death warrant of conservatism

(Paul Mirengoff) NRC Chairman Reince Preibus, an uninspiring figure who presided over the disastrous Republican outing of 2012, tells us that’s that t…

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