It may be time to reacquaint myself with my blog

This space has been long ignored and opinions have been backing up to the point where I am ready to throw up.  There is no shortage of flags to pick up.

Abortion, The Middle East, Immigration, Gun Control, Cultural Rot…  It never ends.

Speaking as ever the sunny optimist, I think we can agree that the World is disintegrating before our very eyes.

Let’s discuss our (my) feelings about it.

Because it sure as Hell doesn’t seem as we can do anything to stop it…

A Government big enough to take care of your every need…

 “A Government big enough to take care of your every need is also big enough to take everything you have.”

 Please keep this in mind when you vote for continued government assistance checks.  I am not going to wade in on the racial aspects of Eric Garner’s death.  There is entirely too much to digest in one sitting.  Lawyers, pundits, activists, scholars will all do a better job of taking down this tragedy as a whole than I ever could hope to do on my own.

 The fact of the matter is the bare naked circumstances surrounding Mr. Garner’s death had everything to do with police enforcing an ordinance that was recently enacted in the bluest of Blue locales. (NOTE:  This is not the same as saying that there was no police brutality or there was no racial animus. Those things -DO- exist and are definitely an enormous problem.  I won’t downplay them but I’m not wading into those swamps either!)

Mayor DeBlasio and Co. declared it illegal to sell loose cigarettes. Why? Because it cuts in on New York City’s action. 

Let’s just face it here and now.  New York City is Statist machine that munches money from every and all sources it can possibly tap and has been that way since the days of Tammany Hall.

 Please understand that absolutely none of this is meant to absolve the police officer involved, his culpability is a separate issue to the over-arching point. We can’t ignore any the less that this situation was created by a Big Government approach to handling what essentially amounts to a nuisance crime that is only a nuisance to Big Government.

 Ask yourself the following question: “Is the tax stamp on a pack of cigarettes an item over which someone should be arrested or merely fined?”

I think it’s quite obvious that the answer is to write the person a non-traffic citation and assess a fine.  Hell!  Make it a big one if New York City has that much overhead! 

If the perpetrator absconds over the dollar penalty –then– arrest the person.  The level of lawlessness will have elevated and everyone would have had the chance to right his/her behavior.

 But none of this applies in Eric Garner’s case.  The law was written that the sale of unstamped cigarette packs is an arrestable offense.  Is such a penalty meant to deter unhealthy behavior or to enforce the collection of Sin Taxes?  We know how Mayor DeBlasio would have sold it to the people of the city.

I come full circle:  “A Government big enough to take care of your every need is also big enough to take everything you have.”

 Please think about this when you vote to continue the oversized Nanny-State.  The same way it keeps you alive, it can be made to have reasons to make you dead, too.

If Black lives matter, then maybe it’s time to reconsider entrusting those lives and their livelihood to a State that has been made more than big enough to take them so readily…

Power Line: The Telos of the Liberal Mind?

The Telos of the Liberal Mind?

(Steven Hayward) Remember the old joke from the 1960s about the liberal cleric who told his congregation that he had been mugged, but that he sympathi…


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Why Bernie Goldberg is WRONG about Jeb Bush /Right-Wing of GOP and “Moderates”

The Right-wing of the GOP should spurn the possibility of a Jeb Bush run in 2016. He’s untrustworthy and a loser.

Had anyone a whiff that he could be trustworthy with Border Security conservatives -might- line up behind him. He has given every reason to believe he wouldn’t be.

Second, are we going to quell the chaos in Iraq by 2016? That’s not likely. He would be a horrible reminder of what set all that into motion and would be beaten like a rug with the Iraq War because of it.

No thank you.

Jim Mussoline
Hazleton, PA

Power Line: What do Americans believe about immigration?

What do Americans believe about immigration?

(Paul Mirengoff) Kellyanne Conway has released the results of a new poll on immigration. The poll takes a deeper look at the issue than any survey I r…


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Power Line: What Are Your Kids Learning In School?

What Are Your Kids Learning In School?

(John Hinderaker) Probably we should all be past being shocked at what goes on in the public schools, but I confess that an email I got today from Dev…


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Ebola is a deadly disease. It’s an even deadlier Fallacy

Let’s all hope and pray the 2 health workers  that were brought back to Atlanta with Ebola make a complete and speedy recovery.  I am confident in my own right that they will.

It is precisely their likely recovery that makes me the most worried.  We Americans sometimes take our exceptionalism for granted, as if we are exempt from history, statistics, or natural laws.

I could see it happening very very easily that we could dismiss it that ebola is a deadly and still largely unknown disease.

It would be so easy to fall into the trap of the thinking (as we do about so many other things i.e. deficits, bailouts, open borders, etc…) that because it didn’t do harm this time, it’s somehow harmless.

So while I wish those health workers well., we would do best to treat this situation as though ebola killed them.  I, for one, am thankful the CDC health workers are wearing spacesuits around them.

That is as it should be and as it should remain!


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