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If I vote for Trump, it will be out of Long-Term Strategy… IF!!!

There are people calling Pennsylvania a swing state.  It isn’t.  Unless she dies in a nuclear accident between now and November, Hillary will win by +4% easily.  I have the Freedom to vote  #MyConscience2016  and, mathematically,  it just won’t matter.

So my plan is as follows:  Talk at least 2 people out of Hillary (without talking up Trump) and talking those same 2 people into committing to do the same with 2 other people. Then concentrate on the down-ballot races.  Whoever wins should get the most financially cut-throat misers to work with in Congress

Whether or not I vote for Trump, I will not vote for or help Hillary get elected.  And I will do all I can to make sure she has to ask Republican bean-counters for every red cent she’ll get to run the Departments

But in the off-chance that Pennsylvania becomes a swing State and winnable for Trump, I do firmly believe he represents the much “Lesser of The 2 Evils”.

This is for reasons both tangible and intangible

We have to make the best judgment we can using  the information that’s available to us and the information that’s available to us is that Clinton is an absolute disaster for the Country and conservatives.

  • We know she will continue the job-poisonous, Social Justice Dystopic, Quasi Socialist Welfare State that is Obama’s America.
  • We know she is a gun-grabber.
  • We know she is a rabid Pro-Choice Abomination
  • We know Huma Abedin, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Steny Hoyer, Alan Grayson, Xavier Beccara, Elijah Cummings and more of D.C.’s Murderers’ Row will have high-level positions in her Administration.
  • We know she will never reassert American power or put our military back to the priority it deserves in the Federal Budget.
  • We know she will go as far Left as possible to nominate Scalia’s replacement on the SCOTUS
  • We know the Media will hold Trump accountable for anything he says or does.  We know the Media will glad-hand President Hillary 25-30 times a day

Despite all this, it’s the intangible consequences to this election that frighten me the most as they will have the most far-reaching effects

The afore-mentioned points are all deformities common to contemporary Democrats.  The real problems with Hillary’s election to the office is that it has become a fact of the matter is that Trump is a walking, talking, living, breathing embodiment of the liberal caricature of a contemporary Republican.  A caricature that, wrongly, became engraved into the conventional wisdom of politically disengaged people who only wake up to vote their wallets and those engages only enough to vote for their monthly benefits.

Through a (perhaps unplanned) collusion between the Media and Democrats, this election has turned into a contest of The Rational, Reasonable, Empathetic Democrats and  The Aloof, Bigoted, Disconnected Billionaire Buffoons everyone –thinks– Republicans are.

Given this climate, losing this will effectively cement this caricature into the political psyche of the Nation for more than a generation.  The GOP will never recover even the small amount of brand equity it had before 2016.

There will never again be a chance at effective Border Security.

Mike Pence, who believe it or not, was superior to any of the 18 that ran in the Republican primary will have effectively closed his own coffin on his political career when, in fact, he should actually be President.

Originalists will have lost the SCOTUS for the next 2 generations.

Dodd-Frank Reform and The Affordable Care Acts will NEVER be revisited and would likely be expanded and strengthened through regulation given Hillary’s “mandate”

The Media in this Country will be emboldened to continue lynching the GOP (or whatever Party rises to champion conservatives) out of existence.

Think about all the above before answering yourself (honestly) this question:

Which is worse: 4 Years of an emasculated President Trump or a Big Beautiful Headstone over top of the Grave of The Conservative Movement and waiting 40 years for it to, maybe, be reborn in a nigh impossible womb of a 1/2 Billion Person Euro-Social Democracy?




I can’t help but believe that Fox News is now a media arm of the Democrat Party

If you listened to Fox and Friends this morning, it was all Trump, all the time.

There is no chance on Earth this buffoon is going to beat Hillary Clinton in the General Election.  I’m a dumbass and I know that!

I know this is real InfoWars fair, but it’s almost as if the executives at Fox News decided that they have a vested interest in conservatives losing the Presidential Election.

“If they win, they’ll stop being angry and stupid.  We’ll have nothing to feed for ratings, so push the weak horse at all costs!”

I know that seems like real crackpot, tinfoil hat, chemtrails crap.

…but I can’t remember a day where Donald Trump wasn’t on at 7 AM, except for April 19.  Eric Trump was on at 7 AM that day.

Fold the Reynolds Wrap to a size 10.

So… I just watched The Force Awakens

I have one question:  What moron at Disney green lighted the script?

I cannot believe 35 years of Expanded Universe (well-made Expanded Universe, no less) was thrown out for this sack of crap!

In fact, I don’t even know where to start enumerating all my problems with this movie.

I’ll begin by saying I’ll never forgive Disney for fucking up Star Wars like this.  Never!

The entire concept is a blatant JJ Abrams rewrite of A New Hope.  It’s obvious.  Painfully obvious!

And it’s absolutely vulgar!

The closest thing the movie had to a redeeming quality was Han Solo.  And he was killed off.

Good for you Mr. Ford!  You’re off this latest ship JJ had to torpedo.  I hope Carrie Fisher passes from this mockery just as gracefully.

If Ted Cruz really wants to save Conservatism, he needs to drop out now!

Difficult post as I am a Ted Cruz supporter.

Bold prediction:  2016 is a loss.

…at least for POTUS. …no matter who wins the Nomination. 

Conservatives now have to think about the carnage that is being done down-ballot.

No matter who wins this Nomination fight (it will be Trump) that person is doomed to be buried in all of the dirt this cage match has dug up.

Forget for a minute that Democrats would have been mobilized en-masse against the GOP nominee.

The fact that Cruz has been (wrongly) branded with the scarlet letter of philandering, he now has the same “Woman Problem” in the popular conscience that Trump had.

The Democrats real challenge now is just figuring out which attack ads they should start with.

There is one solution and only one:


Cut our losses now!

Cruz drops out (hopefully Kasich too) and gives Trump an uncontested path to the Nomination.

Then we do nothing…

Let Trump lose the General Election on his own and lose it alone. 

I hate to say it.  Let him win the Nomination then disown and disavow him writing off 2016 as the nuclear disaster that it is.  Pretend we don’t know him and for Pete’s Sake…stop talking about him!

No down ballot GOP candidates should campaign for him or with him. 

No Party players should give speeches on his behalf. 

All down ballot candidates should publicly and loudly request that he not mention them, speak for them or claim that he has even met them!


As I write this, I am barely beginning to grasp at the depth of the effect Trump’s candidacy and this nomination fight has had (and will have) on the conservative movement. 

The damage is mortal. 

2016 was a favorable Senate map for Democrats to begin with!  Hillary, disliked or not, is a formidable campaigner.

We will have lost the Presidency, The Senate, The Supreme Court via Scalia’s replacement.  Republicans may even lose the House — there is real danger of this.

There will be no power in Republican hands on the Federal level of Government.  Think on that!

Now think on that after Dodd-Frank, after Affordable Care, after EPA, HUD, DOE, and other Alphabet Soup initiatives. 

Think on that with the current virulent Left-Wing gun-grabbing fetish!

We will not have just lost the battle.  Democrats are soon to be free to start shooting the battle’s survivors.

No snarky closing quips here!  You should be good and sober after considering all this…

Seven Years of Whining. Seven…F**CKING…years!!!

For 7 years, I have listened to other Republicans bark about taking back the Country.  It reached a fever pitch in 2014. 

You all screamed and cried in 2015 as follows:

“None of these losers we sent to Congress has balls to stand up for our agenda!”

“None of them are doing what we want!”

“We voted in these horse trading squishes who just rollover!!!”

“We sent a message in 2014 and they still give Obama everything He wants….Democrats still get everything they want!”

“We did what the GOP wanted and gave them both Houses of Congress!  It wasn’t good enough they’re still dealing the Country out the window!”

Now… There’s one man in this Republican Presidential race that stood in the breach and didn’t back down from trying to advance the conservative agenda  –> Ted Cruz

To which all you same people say:

“We can’t nominate him!  He doesn’t make deals!!!”

“How can we elect Ted Cruz when he doesn’t bend?!  What will he get done?!”


I thought halting and rewinding the damage Democrats did was important!

I thought slowing the Leviathan down mattered!

No…  You really DON’T know what you want!

I’m done asking people to make up their minds

A new question that might be more valid:

Are people even sane anymore?!

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